Soul Level System

General Information
After reaching 801 level our actual Level will be changed to Soul Level and we will not receive any more health and reiatsu.
On Soul Level our experience rate is decreased by 1000 from any sources (monsters, tasks, quests, events).
Each level gives us one talent point which we can use for one of the 8 attributes (max 60 points in one attribute).

Stamina - Increase health by 2000 per point.
Precision - Increase damage on critical strike by 0.5% per point.
Strenght - Increase damage from weapon 0.5% per point.
Focus - Increase damage from spells by 0.5% per point.
Control - Decrease spell cooldown by 0.5 control skill per point.
Recovery - Increase amount of Reiatsu Barrier and healing from Regeneration and Friend Regeneration by 0.5% per point.
Dodge - Gives 0.25% chance to dodge damage per point.
Monster Hunter - Increase exp gained from monsters by 1% and chance to spawn Elite monster by 0.5% per point.

After 480 Soul Level when all the attributes are maxed you will gain 0.03% absorb to monsters and players per Soul Level.

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