Guild: Shadow Hunters

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
LeaderAtomic Nootion [S] 801Corrupted Inoue Offline
Vice-LeaderBosman Melo [S] 460Wrathful Inoue Offline
MemberAkashii [S] 443Wrathful Ichigo Offline
Akodin [S] 476Kuroi Byakuya Offline
Archer Damit [S] 608Corrupted Yoruichi Offline
Baggou [S] 923Corrupted Zaraki Offline
Diabla [S] 339Wrathful Ishida Offline
Diler Haze [S] 358Wrathful Nelliel Offline
Gatekeeper [S] 491Wrathful Yoruichi Offline
Gfajiwimk [S] 429Wrathful Ishida Offline
Hidden Cichy [S] 396Kuroi Byakuya Offline
Informator Dyam [S] 361Wrathful Ulquiorra Offline
Inspektor Riserge [S] 536Wrathful Ishida Offline
Kiedys To Bylo [S] 801Corrupted Toshiro Offline
Kzyxo [S] 366Kuroi Ulquiorra Offline
Mastah Faker [S] 163Kami Ishida Offline
Mastermind Zycko [S] 504Wrathful Byakuya Offline
Michas [S] 427Wrathful Urahara Offline
Miraxus [S] 515Wrathful Ulquiorra Offline
Natsek [S] 649Wrathful Byakuya Offline
Nootion [S] 878Corrupted Grimmjow Offline
Osama Binlaben [S] 748Corrupted Zaraki Offline
Pomidorkizeszklarni [S] 630Wrathful Urahara Offline
Psychiczny [S] 447Wrathful Ishida Offline
Razsierpemrazmlotem [S] 485Wrathful Renji Offline
Renji Sama469Renji Offline
Rether [S] 505Wrathful Inoue Offline
Rucham Ci Matke [S] 541Wrathful Toshiro Offline
Rusinoscorbin [S] 232Kami Inoue Offline
Sense Wareks [S] 599Wrathful Inoue Offline
Shall Fen Shall [S] 856Corrupted Grimmjow Offline
Szydelkowa [S] 213Kuroi Yoruichi Offline
Tutorial [S] 350Kami Toshiro Offline
Zeref258Yoruichi Offline
Invited Characters

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