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Hollow Oak
Hollow Oak is a raid located in the northern part of Soul Society. (MAP)
Every 1 hour (start counting from server start) there is 33% chance to turn this raid on.
Also you have 10% chance to trigger raid after use Hollow Bait [Image: 10605.png] (drop from Quincy) on Hollow Oak.

All players on server recive message when raid starts: "Shinigami noticed more Hollows near Hollow Oak. It would be useful to check it out. Duel Ishida will be happy to hunt these monsters, maybe you will try to win with him?"

[Image: vbOFszy.png]
To enter Hollow Oak Arena first you must use Hollow Bait on it and summon guard by clicking on tree.
After killing Tree Hollow Guard you can enter  to Hollow Oak Arena where each step on black ground decrease your hp!
Killing monster on this arena gives you points that can you spend in NPC Duel Ishida.

[Image: GLw36XB.png]
Your main aim in this arena is find Hollow Oak Chest which give some exp for all attackers and bonus loot for last hit player.
Example loot:
[Image: CSQRdKM.png]

Points recived from killing monsters in arena you can exchange for: boosts, keys, epic bonus cards and hollow hunter backpack.
[Image: QNKZBcZ.png]

Random Key - 10 points
Boost - 30 points
Epic Bonus Crad - 50 points
Hollow Hunter Backpack - 1000 points

[Image: lvMGpfJ.png]

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