!aol - Buy shinigami amulet
!bless - Buy bless
!info - Basic info about character
!saga - Info about saga and direction to saga
!spells - Show character spells
!frags - Show player frags
!serverinfo - Show server info
!talent - Show talents
!autoloot - Add or remove items to autoloot ex. !autoloot add, meat
!buyhouse - Buy House
!house kick - Teleport out
!house guest - Set guest players
!house sub - Set sub players
!house leave - Leave from house
!balance - Check your bank balance
!depositall - Deposit all your money from backpack to bank
!deposit value - Deposit value of your money to bank ex. !deposit 1000
!withdrawall - Withdraw all your money from bank to backpack
!withdraw value - Withdraw value from your bank to backpack ex. !withdraw 1000
!guildreward - Recive guild reward for all online guild members
!war invite, guild name, frags - Invite guild to war against your guild
!war accept, guild name - Accept guild war against guild
!war reject, guild name - Reject guild war against guild
!war cancel, guild name - Cancel guild war against guild

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